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January 3, 2013

My Holiday(s)

I had a fantastic holiday this year. I got to have three Christmases all over the country (and the world!), and celebrated a snowy new year in western NY. Here are some of the best photos of my month!

I took some photos of me and Shea for our holiday cards, which was definitely a challenge because I’m missing a part of my tripod! I ended up rigging a desk into a makeshift tripod and using a remote trigger to take the pictures. Poor Shea had to have quite a bit of patience with me… I’d say the work paid off though!

We are lucky enough to get to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. This Christmas, we went on my first ever cruise, and got to visit Jamaica, the Camen Islands, and Mexico. It was a celebration of Shea’s grandparents’ 50th anniversary, and it was amazing. It also meant I missed Christmas with my family for the first time, but we made up for that a few days later.
Shea and I had our own Christmas the 22nd, right before we were scheduled to leave for the cruise. I made eggnog and lots of goodies for breakfast. I got him a pair of Heelys and 23 and Me, and he got me some goodies from our local letterpress shop, Gus and Ruby, and some tools that I’ll need in the a  cappella group I recently joined!

After our Christmas we headed to Texas to leave on the cruise! It was a 7 day trip and there was an excess of sun, sea, and food. I paid a pretty penny for some internet time to FaceTime my family on Christmas morning. 

After the cruise we headed to western NY to have another Christmas with my family. 

We are now back home in New Hampshire ready to start a new year!
I hope your holidays were just as wonderful.

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