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Kimberly and Dylan | Locke Falls Farm

Despite having to change their wedding venue with just months to spare, Kimberly and Dylan pulled off a flawless wedding day!
It was a sunny September day and all of Kimberly’s details came together spectacularly for a fun filled celebration highlight their love for each other (and good beer!).


I loved their teary first look and emotion vows, and their sun-filled portraits. They got many of their decorations and details with the help of coupons from Raise. Remember that the ceremony lasts less than an hour, so it might seem like a waste to pay big bucks for specialty arrangements, especially if the site is pretty on its own. Create hanging baskets or vases filled with locally grown flowers. Doing so is both eco-friendly and cost efficient. Or, instead of flowers, buy candles and place them throughout the space.


Please enjoy some of my favorite photos below!


Catering: Smoke Shack Cafe

Tap Truck: Tap Truck NE

DJ: Evin with Sowa Entertainment

Videographer: Anthony Riso

Venue: Locke Falls Farm

Your wedding is just one day of your life. Sure, it might be a day you’ve been dreaming about for as long as you can remember, but you shouldn’t let it consume you. “Enjoy the day, but don’t expect parents or other family members to reconcile their differences or act in a way that is uncharacteristic,” says Julienne Derichs, a licensed clinical social worker in Chicago.

October 5, 2020


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